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Based off of an RP on Tumblr, it's kind of a small future fic? *shrug*
Walking between the trees while the sun began to set behind her, Ty sighed, her one visible red-brown eye lowered to the ground. Scuffing her black and purple boots against the dirt, she huffed. “Stupid fish.. never should have trusted her.”
She continued to walk on into the night, hostile mobs turning away from her as she went. Her hair whipped at her face, but she didn’t bother putting it behind her ear. It was easier to leave it how it was instead of putting it back. A lot of people saw it as her recognizing feature. Audrey had often joked about how if Ty lost her headphones, they’d know her anyway because you could never see all her face at one time.
Lost in happier times, Ty didn’t see a portal open in front of her, nor did she see the figure that stepped out. She didn’t even notice her until she smacked directly into whoever it was.
“Sorry. I
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To the Victor, Go the Spoils
Warning for some gore and some charrie death.
Crazed!Sky ahead :D
A low screech of blade on stone resounded around the hall, bouncing off the once-gleaming walls of a once-glorious palace. The young man who stood in the center looked proud and unfearing, the sunglasses he'd used to wear shattered, in pieces under his dark boots. An amulet's chain dangled in his hand, the purple center stone gleaming in the moonlight that streamed through the broken roof.
The male in question looked at the stone now, watching the shine of pale light glimmer like a last desperate hope. Smirking ever so slightly, he plucked the stone from the metal that encased it, watched the amethyst shine in his fingertips, then-
Crushed it to purple dust.
The remnants of the gem were blown away to another place, lost forever in unnatural winds that took the last hope away. Any survivor, if there was one, who saw the pale purple particles that danced in the lights would know. The last hero, the strongest
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Beginning of the End: Chapter 1
21 Years Later
There was the sound of glass shattering on oak planks as a young man threw a bottle onto the ground. It shattered, sending droplets of a light blue liquid on himself and someone directly next to him. With a laugh of victory, he took off, leaping from platform to platform, the wind whipping at his brown hair and tee shirt.
“Adam, dude, I’m kicking your ass! Hurry up!”
“Well maybe if you’d slow the fuck down, Ty, and not cheat!”
“You’re just jealous because I’m winning.”
The one named Adam snorted as Ty suddenly tripped on a piece of white wool and began to fall. Pushing a pair of sunglasses further up the bridge of his nose, he took advantage of the situation and boosted himself quickly along the course. Ty quickly flew back up to where he’d fallen and began running once more, sprint jumping across wool and wood to get to the finish.
The two tripped and fell many more times along
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The Beginning of the End: Prologue
    Listen closely, children, and I’ll tell you a story. It’s the story of our world, of Minecraftia, of how it all began. But it’s also the tale of two young brothers, locked in fate, to bring peace of end to the rest of us.
    It starts with three brothers, not unlike you and I. Human, but young, and full of free spirit and will. The eldest was smart and kind, the middle child was strong and courageous, and the youngest was feisty and stubborn. In turn, the three created our world, little by little, chunk by chunk.
    Notch, the eldest, became in charge of loading the seeds for proper living care. He created the mines and dungeons underneath, the grass and trees above, and the stars and clouds in the sky, along with the heaven of our world, the Aether.
    Steve, the second child, was in charge of creating villages and spreading out hidden chests for the new Miners who were to come. He would be t
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OC- Nathan Stone by PhoenixFin13 OC- Nathan Stone :iconphoenixfin13:PhoenixFin13 0 0




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I basically just sang to about 420 people and possible more if they track the CaptainSparklez tag

FUCK me and my life


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